We have only published our own apps so far - yours can be next!
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What we do

We publish student made apps onto the Apple and Google Play app stores - for free!

Who should contact us?

If you are in college or below, created an app, and want to publish it to the world, follow the steps below.

Steps  to get your app out

1. Make sure you have a game/app that looks good on various screen sizes. Give yourself credit in your app through an about page or something similar - you deserve it! 

2. Send liz.appaneer@gmail.com an email with your name, a short bio, description of your app, what platforms you want to publish on, and screenshots. For iOS apps, if you can build the ipa file send that as well. Put your code on git and send the link.

3. Using your codebase on git we will build your app for your specified platforms. We may add an "Appaneer" splash screen with your name on it, so if you want your name to look fancy send a png with what you want on the splash screen.

4. We publish your app under "Appaneer" in the app store! Be on the lookouts for emails, we will contact you in case of any bugs.

What do we get out of it?

 - we get to help out fellow students!

 - learn more about technology and the publishing process

 - we do not get any money